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Violence thrives in silence. Self-defense need not begin nor end with a one-time class. We can create many mindful opportunities by keeping aware of personal and societal safety issues. Talk about current events, encourage and organize action around what affects your safety, support others who are doing the same. These links will supply you with material — safety tips you can use, news and opinion to share, updates on classes, barbeque recipes, and more.

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You can read my Safety in Seattle blog, which covers today's news.

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You can subscribe to News and Views, my e-newsletter (comes out 4-6 times a year) for more opinion and the current class schedule. First, visit the Archives so you can see what you will get.

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In The Press lists media articles about Strategic Living.


Articles by Strategic Living cover aspects of safety and self-defense.


Podcasts are audio files on safety topics (also available on iTunes).

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