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Private and Group Self-Defense Lessons

When you arrange for a self-defense class for your group, you are doing more than giving them great safety skills. You are doing more than educating them on real risks and attacker tricks. You are providing an experience in lifelong learning. You are empowering those you care about, and these skills will help them as they go out in their community and succeed.

Private Self Defense lessons in Seattle

Your custom program can be as small as an individual lesson for a few hours, or a couple of family and friends on a weekend afternoon.

Or your custom program can be a whole girl scout troop, soccer team, book club, charity league, family, ... any group seeking to enhance their quality of life!

The most often requested formats are one 3 hour session, or two 2 hour sessions.

Contact Strategic Living to arrange for Private Lessons.

One organizer's comments:

I want to let you know how amazing your class was.  I loved learning the simple and powerful physical skills, but even more importantly, you taught us about how to live in our own power.  I had never considered the way abusers and victimizers may insinuate themselves in to a situation to gain compliance.  The skills you taught have already been useful in daily life- in setting boundaries and recognizing when someone is attempting to take away my personal power. These skills would be extremely valuable for children and teens as well as adults I will recommend your classes to everyone! -- Brook B.


  • Private lessons for one: $100/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Private lessons for two: $175/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • One hour Lunch-N-Learn or Brown Bag presentation: $375 for as many participants as the fire marshall will allow in the room
  • 3 hour class: $390 flat fee for up to 6 participants, $65 each additional person (up to 12) -- ideal for Teen Girls classes
  • 2.5 hour class: $360 flat fee for up to 6 participants, $60 each additional person (up to 12) -- suitable for Tween Girls classes
  • 5 hour class: $525 flat fee for up to 5 participants, $105 each additional person (up to 12) -- seminar for women and teens with longer attention spans
  • 4 hour class, divided in 2 sessions: $425 for up to 5 participants, $85 each additional person -- also a good choice for Teen/Tween girls, or Mother-Daughter sessions.
One mother's comments:

Hi Joanne, You may or may not recall me and my kid from private self defense training a few years back.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I know that the work you did with her has saved her and us so much heartache and has made for one very fierce young lady!  Thanks is truly not enough. She is wading through all of the current female/ male aggression issues with her head held high.  She is a resource and an advocate to the other girls around her because of the training you provided.  She has also been able to navigate complex university campus issues regarding assault and as the current President of International Students at her college, she is working for change, better training (boys and girls), and protections for the other students on campus. Thank you for making her world and the world in general a better safer place! -- Jen L.

  • Safety Skills for Children:
    • Grades K-2 (1.5 hour class): $175 for up to 5 children (parents ride free), $35 each additional child (max 8 children)
    • Grades 3-5 (2 hour class): $225 for up to 5 children (parents ride free), $45 each additional child (max 10 children)

    Do you have a larger group? Contact me for other options.

    Additional costs for travel may be incurred for groups organized outside the Seattle area.

    If your community- or family-based group needs financial assistance, please take a look at Strategic Living's Donate Class program.

    Tips on successfully arranging your custom self-defense class:

    • While a 5 week course is great for learning and bonding, in my experience it is exceedingly difficult for private groups to arrange. One or two sessions seem to work best with a myriad of busy schedules.
    • Email me for a list of dates and times I have open. However, at any given time there are between one and four other groups looking at the exact same list -- so by the time you get back to me, your first choice may be already taken. Have a second date in mind.
    • I am willing to hold one date tentatively for one week.
    • Contact potential attendees early, and send out a few reminders.
    • Age matters. Material appropriate for your 10 year old daughter will bore her 18 year old sister, and material important for the 18 year old will be too mature for her little sister.
    • Get solid commitments. If possible, collect payment in advance.
    • Recruit a few more people than you want to attend. There are always one or two no-shows in any group.
    • Most of these classes are taught at the Femininst Karate Union in Seattle's International District. If you wish to use another suitable venue, I generally will travel within a short distance of Seattle. If the outside venue requires reservations or charges rent, you are responsible for all arrangements and payments.
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