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Joanne Factor, Owner and Instructor, Strategic Living Personal Safety and Self Defense Training, Seattle WA

Joanne Factor, owner / instructor at Strategic Living, LLC, has been helping women discover their inner super-sheros since 1994.

Students and class organizers praise her unique ability to work with people "where they are, in their own lives, in their own space," as well as the balance in class between physical, verbal and mindset skills.

Joanne has taught self-defense to women from six to senior, from sorority sisters to grandmothers and business executives, homeless women and those in transitional housing, and just about everyone in between. In addition to quarterly classes at lifeling learning venues, Joanne's unique combination of strength and sensitivity has brought many invitations to teach. She has held classes for dorms and sororities, law firms, restaurant employees, manufacturing facilities, medical clinics, YMCA and YWCA groups, Angeline's Center (homeless women's day shelter), Opportunity Place and other transitional housing sites, the Veterans' Administration Medical Center, Providence Everett Medical Center, girl scout troops, book clubs, and groups of families and friends who wanted to be safer.

Seattle PI blogger Mary Davis attended and wrote about her experience in a three-hour self-defense seminar. Joanne Factor at 2012 AWSDA Conference 1

Joanne began her training at the Feminist Karate Union, Seattle's pioneering martial arts and self-defense school for women. She has served on Boards of Directors of both the National Women's Martial Arts Federation (Director-at-Large for the Self-Defense Group, 2006-2010) and the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists (Vice President and President, 2006-2010).

Joanne is a nationally-certified self-defense insturctor by these organizations:

Joanne keeps her skiils and information fresh by attending or presenting at the meetings, annual conferences, and trainings of these organizations:Joanne Factor, 2012 AWSDA Symposium, shooting range

Joanne holds a black belt in traditional Japanese karate and Okinawan weapons from the International Karate Federation, a B.A. from Cornell University, and was selected Seattle's Best Feminist Butt-Kicker in 2007 by The Seattle Weekly.




Roseanne "Kinny" Kimlinger has worked with Joanne since 2003. She too began her training at the Feminist Karate Union. You'll often find Kinny assisting in the six-week courses and self-defense seminars.

Donna Lopan began her path to teaching self-defense in 2010 as a student: she registered herself and her teen daughter for a seminar, and just kept coming back. Donna's aim it to emPOWER teen girls, and she is working primarily to open classes in the Tacoma area.

Susan Geluardi contacted Joanne in 2013 because she wanted to learn to teach self-defense to children. She is inspired to focus on children and tween girls as she watches her two young daughters growing and evolving small steps towards independencs. Her projects currently revolve around safety programs for chilldren and their parents in Seattle elementary and middle schools. Susan has over 15 years training in martial arts and?was a volunteer at the Portland Women's Crisis Line.

Testimonials from Susan's students:

"Susan sets a fantastic example for the girls-- a confident posture, strong voice, and clearly stated boundaries are a foundation girls can use to defend themselves, and Susan nails that perfectly."? - Mother of a 6th grader

"Susan is very skilled and extremely knowledgeable about teaching girls confidence through awareness and self-defense." -?Mother of a 6th grader

"Your class was amazing!"???- Second grade teacher and mother of a 5th grader.


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