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Classes and Services

Strategic Living, LLC, offers a variety of programs to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a nearby class, arranging a custom community group training, or looking to enhance your business' benefits program.


Scheduled Classes for the Public

If you are an individual looking to enroll in a class, begin here. You will find information about and the current schedules for Strategic Living's six week courses, afternoon seminars, and age-appropriate safety skills open to the public. Learn more . . .

Private Lessons and Groups

If you are looking to schedule training for your girl scout troop, book club members, church group, your daughter and her friends, or private lessons, you will find information on how to arrange for your class here. Learn more . . .

Business Seminars/

If you are a Human Resources/Benefits manager looking to enhance your company's package with a unique offering, begin here. Learn more . . .

Strategic Living, LLC, is a woman-owned and operated business; all Strategic Living instructors and assistants are women.

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