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Self-Defense Training for Women

Discover Your Inner Super-Woman: Proven Safety Skills for that Unwelcome Encounter

But first, a public service announcement. I Believe Survivors

You know those encounters: a young dude eyeballing you across the parking lot or on the bus, a guy trying too hard to buy you a drink at the dance club, or the chatty friend of a friend introduced at a party begins asking questions a bit too personal. Maybe your brother-in-law is giving you a look that gives you the chills, a co-worker's barely appropriate "humor" puts you on edge, or a client's comments suggest his prime interest isn't business. Let's face it, every female over the age of 14 (and many under that age) has experienced a creepy approach.

Is this person planning to harm you?

How can you tell -- and what can you do -- before something happens?

Strategic Living has an emPOWERing personal safety program for you.

The good news is that Strategic Living has created an emPOWERment self-defense program that will support you in a variety of situations. You will learn to:

  • Recognize when someone is planning an assault
  • Ways you can use your voice and body language to prevent harm
  • Simple, effective physical skills to disable an attacker long enough for you to escape
  • What to do afterwards to keep your sanity

Self-defense skills are not only for those few times in your life you have a scary encounter. Self-defense should be an integral part of your emPOWERed living strategy. Whether or not you ever face an attacker, your benefits will extend into your daily living (see Tara's self-defense success story for a great example):

  • Recognize "red flags" -- the early warning signs of danger for yourself (and those you care about)
  • Experience fewer moments of helplessness in the face of discomfort, fear and chills down the spine
  • Increase your odds of walking away from an encounter, unharmed
  • Begin to regain your power after a scary, traumatizing experience
  • Know when and how to involve law enforcement so you'll be taken seriously and get results
  • Reduce your risk of suffering long-term post-traumatic stress resultiing from an assault
  • Develop skills you can use throughout your life
  • Become more confident in your career, relationship and personal life

Strategic Living offers a variety of self-defense classes and programs to help you.

Are you are an individual looking for a self-defense class schedule? Strategic Living has six-week comprehensive courses as well as five-hour one-afternoon seminars, and shorter classes for teen (or tween) girls and young children.

Are you are a coach, mentor, or parent organizing a group? Strategic Living creates programs to address your safety concerns, and can even come to your location.

Or are you a Human Resources/Benefits/Amenities Manager seeking to enhance your worksite's offerings? Strategic Living conducts trainings at your site, whether for a one hour lunch-n-learn or a three (or more) hour hands-on comprehensive workshop.

Find the progam that Strategic Living has for you!

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