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One Day Seminars

If you have only a few hours to spare, spend it here. You'll learn the most important lesson: that you have choices. In a single session you'll learn about real risks, assailant tricks, crucial targets and how to create an impact, and releases from the most common grabs. You will learn about recognizing and dealing with manipulations and ploys used by people you may know (including in domestic violence) as well as complete strangers.

Young woman learning self defense in Seattle WA

Past participants have said:

"Thank you for last night's excellent class. It was intelligently designed to separate myth from reality, and the interactive activities drove home the points. Plus, you did it all with grace and humor!" - Pat in Seattle

"Great class that not only taught basic physical defense, but also how to recognize people/situations that may lead to assault."

"Excellent mix of class discussion and hands on work. Joanne is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and her practical style was perfect for the subject."

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, August 20. 1:00 til 6:00 pm. Location: 1426 S Jackson St, 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98144. Cost: $137 per person. (Note: this class is not recommended for teen girls under the age of 15.) Register online.

Please read our Privacy, Refund, and Financial Assistance policies. Registration closes 12 hours before class begins.

Pepper Spray Class

Easy to obtain, cheap, no permit required, and simplicity of use make pepper spray an optimal choice for those who want added protection. Yet, as with any other tool, there is some learning and practice involved if you want to get the most out of it. Visit our Pepper Spray Class page for more info and registration.

Short (2 hour) Seminars at Burien Community Center

Self-Defense for Women: In this short introductory class you'll learn the most important lesson: that you do have choices. In just 2 hours you'll learn about real risks, assailant tricks, crucial targets, and how to create an impact. You will practice using your voice as well as your hands and feet (and elbows and knees). Athletic prowess not required, but the desire to emPOWER yourself is! Schedule for 2017 still TBD.

Self-Defense for Seniors: Finally you have more time for classes, fun events, and travel - but are you now concerned that you'll be seen as an easier target? Maintain your independence by learning a few tips, tricks, and skills to keep at bay those who may mean you harm. You will learn to recognize when someone is looking at you like a victim, how to evade and thwart their dastardly plans, and a few simple yet highly effective physical moves to surprise and stun your attacker. Athletic prowess not required! EmPOWERment has never been more fun! This is a great class to take with your friends and is structured for both men and women. Schedule for 2017 still TBD

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